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Adventures of Little Acorn - Episode 1

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

As I write this my 13 month old is tucked up in bed. She’s been down for almost 3 hours now and I haven’t yet needed to settle her back to sleep. Is it a coincidence that we went to Forest School today? It’s no secret that being outdoors is good for us, but I do forget that sometimes. It’s all too easy to stay indoors and put the telly on, because let’s face it looking after tiny humans is hard. We’re tired.

It was our first time attending the family session today at Mill Hill Wood in Thistleton. The family sessions are held once a month on a Sunday, and any age can benefit from them.

I had a few initial hesitations; we mostly attend indoor toddler groups where I just carry my little one from the car to the building, but this was a whole new ball game. Especially with a toddler that doesn’t…toddle. But these were quickly crushed. The venue was easier than I anticipated to get to. The entrance to the carpark is nicely signposted from the road, and the car park itself is pretty large with a clean concrete floor and a few roaming chickens. From there it’s a short walk over a field into the woodland. My tip for parents of non-walkers is to bring a baby carrier. The walk over the field is fine but there are two farm gates to open and close which can be tricky with one hand.

Walking into the woodland is quite magical; it’s a cute little path lined with snowdrops. I loved it already. The sound of rustling leaves and snapping twigs underfoot had me quickly forgetting all about my to do list.

So what did we get up to today at Forest School? The theme was den building, but you’re not forced to do any activity you don't want to do. Forest School promotes child-led play which I just adore. My daughter found herself whipping up some yummy leaf soup, had a play on the swing, re-arranged the furniture in the dolls house, and then her favourite - bashed all the pots and pans hung from the musical tree!

Once we were all played out we joined others around the fire, which some of the older children helped to light. Popcorn was cooked and shared, along with hot drinks. It all had a real sense of community to it, a place to gather after our adventures.

We both had a ball. It was nice to slow down and connect with one another. We were both so relaxed after our afternoon at Forest School and we already can’t wait for our next session. I look forward to documenting these and sharing them with you.

Until next time, Forest Mum and Little Acorn x

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