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Roots to Branches forest school CIC


Our vision is to connect as many people as possible with nature, to instill a love of nature from a early age and get people outdoors.

The Full Story

Roots to Branches was founded by Jenna Benson in 2016. It began in a small woodland in Cumbria before Jenna moved to Lancashire and set up in Thistleton woods

With the addition of Lisa to her team we decided to help more people and improve the environment we would apply to be a CIC. In 2021 Michelle  joined the team of Directors  for our new CIC and we have  gradually expanded year on year. We now support children of all ages; from our youngest babies to our preschool Mini Mudders sessions right through to our adult woodland breather sessions.. We also do school visits, holiday sessions, some education  and special events  open to families of all ages!

Using nature to nurture - 

Increasing confidence and wellbeing in our children 

Picture the scene; the sound of twigs snapping underfoot, the smell of pine needles in the air and the curiosity in your child’s eyes as they learn a new skill. 

Roots to Branches is about reconnecting ourselves and our children with nature. Getting outdoors in the fresh air promotes confidence and well being; vital to a child’s development. We get them engaging with the environment and offer alternative learning through fun, safe woodland based activities. 

Effects of our Forest Schools include smiles, increased confidence and wellbeing, muddy shoes, grass stained knees and dirty finger nails.  

Our time line as a CIC

In 2021 we became a non-profit CIC. We have worked  on some exciting projects and beautiful woodland and meadow sites and schools.

In 2022 we expanded our sessions to reach more people 

in 2023 we started to receive many great funds to make sessions cheaper or free so we could help more people. Planted kilos of wildflower seeds and fed many birds with our surplus funds.

In 2024 we will be setting up a New Force of Nature wellness garden as well as playing in the woods.

What is Forest School? 

Aside from being fun, Forest School is increased confidence and wellbeing. It’s learning brand new skills in an alternative, child led learning experience. Extensive research has shown that children who experience outdoor play and learning are healthier, have more motivation and better social skills.

During the sessions your child will learn about tree and plant life and how to protect them, fire safety, campfire cooking, safe use of tools and woodland crafts to name a few. These new skills teach confidence, responsibility, empathy, tolerance, compassion and independence.

Our Forest Schools are all year round and in all weather (within reason) and are for both children and adults alike. We offer lots of services which can be found on the menu above.

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