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Where do we work?

Woodland spaces

We use woodland spaces all over Lancashire. We sometime rent them, use them as part of a skills trade or use private land owned by a group or school we work with. The main one we are using at the moment is Lucash Flash wood in Weeton


Lucas Flash wood

Lucas flash wood adjoins the flash itself and is a broad leaf woodland in the residential area of Weeton Barracks. We have an agreement in place with the MOD to use this area as it is not public. We have an area marked out by signs where most of our activity happens. 

Lucas Flash woods gets its name from the stream that runs through it. The purpose of the flash is to take rain water away from surrounding land.


We intend to add more useful areas to the woodland in a way that is fun for families but protects the land and wildlife. 

We currently help the woodland by clearing spaces, removing litter and planting new wildflowers and raising awareness about wildlife and trees that are present.


We have spotted, deer, mice, bats, lots of birds including woodpeckers, many types of mushroom and hundreds of insects.

We hope to publish pictures and lists of exactly what we have found each year.

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