Special Events

New events for 2022!!

We are now a CIC which mean community interest company running on a not for profit basis so it really is all about benefiting you and the local environment.


We hope to link in to a few key events this year like the Summer and Winter Equinox. We are still in planning mode right now but more wil be revealed soon. 

Image by Andrey Zvyagintsev

Full Moon by Campfire


Join us to welcome a Full Worm Moon and the Spring Equinox. To honour this beautiful lunar phase, we are thrilled to have Martin from Health, Healing and Happiness hold a special 30 minute relaxing sound healing bath, set in the beautiful Roots to Branches Meadow in St.Micheal's-on-Wyre. 

We will then gather round the fire circle for a cup of seasonal tea, under the light of the Full Moon accompanied by Shamanic drumming.

The campfire will be lit and hot drinks will be available.

Find a sit spot and just 'be' in the moonlight. 

Charge your crystals or bring an empty glass bottle and make Moon water.

Woodland creative writing

Friday the 15th July 2022! We are planning a creative day of woodland bathing and creative writing. More details to be revealed soon. 

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