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Our new wellness garden - Force of Nature
Starting soon!


We are going to transform an unused piece of land at Weeton Barracks into a community wellness garden. This is a growing site open to the community, specifically soldiers and their families as well as the wider community. It will be a safe space for people to come and enjoy the outdoors and grow fruits and vegetables with help and guidance, making it suitable for a complete beginner. 

We would like to host sessions such as mens only groups, family groups, toddler groups as well as it being open as a community growing space for people to enjoy anytime they need some head space. 

As well as growing the food we would like to cook the food too, on a fire in an outdoor kitchen. 


Our vision is to connect as many people as possible with nature, to instil a love of nature from an early age and get people outdoors. 

With this project we want to encourage the food to fork movement and break down any barriers for people to grow their own. We also see it as a way to help with the cost of living crisis. 

By working on Weeton Barracks, we see this as a great opportunity to benefit the community and compliment existing work already taking place in the small community garden. 

Who will use it? 

The wellness garden will be open to soldiers and their families, soldiers and their families from nearby barracks and the wider community.

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Starting Spring 2024

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