What's on?

Find out about the type of forest school and playwork Roots to Branches do.

You can find current events by clicking on the links below and on our Facebook page.

Most bookings are now online via https://bookwhen.com/rootstobranchesfs

Monthly Family forest school club
For all the family - normally 2 hours

There’s something for everyone here. Bush craft, fire lighting, toasted marshmallows and big hunting. During these sessions, we encourage free playing in the woods; this includes woodland games, natural crafts and much more.Now on the 2nd Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the month 

Mini Mudders, Baby Mudders and Muddy parents

This is a perfect opportunity to allow your child to explore nature freely. You can either join in or relax and watch while your child gets involved with our den building area, mud kitchen, fire circle and more.


Or come to muddy parents especially for expecting parents who love nature and the outdoors.

School Holiday Events

These vary from weekly family forest schools sessions to one off events themed on a specific thing like survival, stories, seasons and even mythical creatures

New posters uploaded before each holiday, keep you eyes peeled and follow the link below.

Mums proving that adults have fun around
Woodland Breather: for adults

Experience profound states of bliss with our mindfulness based Woodland wellness session. Allow yourself to be present and experience all the sensations of nature; listen to the sound of the birds all around and the warming crackle of the campfire in front of you. 

We meditate under the trees and allow our creativity to flow with fire based natural art. You’ll leave us feeling completely zen. Starting August 2020

Workshops and Crafty moments

We have started doing the occasional workshop or crafty event. 

Sometimes we team up with other companies to provide these or sometimes its just with us. 

Saturday Mini Roots today was lots of fu
Wild Tribe ideal for home education.

Regular and ad hoc sessions for home education families. 

Child led sessions experience and learning outdoors. Helps children's well being, confidence, risk management, emotional intelligence. 

Friday Mini Rooters explored the tiger w
Woodland Wild Play

Come and play in our beautiful 4 acre enclosed woodland. A completely free play session, no theme, no gimmicks, no fire or tools, just truly free exploring plus a bit of singing at the end.