What's on?

Our adults sessions are here to help people connect with nature and improve their well being by being outside. We encourage a community feel at every session so everyone feels involved and included.


We now have three locations where sessions take place:

Mill Hill Woodland, Thistleton

The Meadow, St Michaels-on-Wyre

Below you can find information on what we get up to at each session.

Most bookings are now online via https://bookwhen.com/rootstobranchesfs

Mums proving that adults have fun around
Woodland Breather: for adults

Experience profound states of bliss with our mindfulness based Woodland wellness session. Allow yourself to be present and experience all the sensations of nature; listen to the sound of the birds all around and the warming crackle of the campfire in front of you. 

We meditate under the trees and allow our creativity to flow with fire based natural art. You’ll leave us feeling completely zen. 

Workshops and Crafty moments

We have started doing the occasional workshop or crafty event. 

Sometimes we team up with other companies to provide these or sometimes its just with us.